Why I started blog

The first question that comes to mind. Why? It’s just a waste of time, you have better things to do. I’m scared, I don’t know how to write in English, what happens when I will make mistakes? So, that’s why I will tell why I started this blog.

At the age of 6 with Mom and brother, we relocated to Sztum (a town in the Pomeranian District in Poland) from Baranówka (a village in Pomeranian District) because of work.

My Mom worked as a forwarder in one of the state-owned companies. Work was only at night due to the preparation of newspapers for the next day. My brother lived in Sztum only for a while and then moved to another city.

So, who watched you?


I remember one sequence when I started school. I woke up, ate something, brushed my teeth, prepared books for the next day in school and check that every homework was done. My Mom sleeping because of she back to home 2 hours ago.

I’m coming back to home, see that my Mom preparing for next “day” at work. I’m working on my homework on my own because nobody will help me. Then I’ve some time for me. Almost every day this same sequence.

I had bad days, didn’t want that. I cried a lot.

But it’s pointless…

Nothing will change.

In middle school, I had a course in which main goal (for me as a subject for homework) was to create a siren similar to police or fire-brigade one. I never thought that I will have to build my own siren. Board, capacitors, wires, manual and you can work.

I had one little problem, I have never soldered anything. So, I’m going to the town and looking for people who do this kind of tasks.

I found one person, but the first question which I got was…

– Will it be your profession? – he asked

– No – I said

– It’s just for course at my school – I added after a while

– So, what kind of profession you want to acquire? – he asked with interest

– I want to be a programmer! – without thinking, I said

– But, you did something in this direction?

– Ummm, no.

– So, why you want to pretend to be a programmer if you never did anything?

It was painful… The first time somebody told me something like that.

I need to act rather than just speaking! So, I dug into programming languages. C, C++, Turbo Pascal and some web development what it’s for me.

I get stuck, realized that after 5 years of “programming” when the first time arrived on the University’s campus and went on one of the science club meetings about .NET

Five f… years walking in circles!

I never asked anybody for help, an autodidact in all its glory… need help, guidance about what I should/shouldn’t do to not to waste time anymore.

I found Pluralsight and then started learning courses. First, second, 39-th, in the meantime C# test with 291/300 points. Design patterns, design patterns everywhere.

But it wasn’t sufficient for me.

Hackathons! It’s a funny time when you fail. Second, third… Be on the podium of hackathons three times in a row in less than 3 months.

Imagine Cup? National finals with IoT, Big Data, and Blockchain.

C’mon guy! You are writing this because you want to boost your success?!

No. There are people behind every action, who pushes me forward.

Maciej Aniserowicz – our polish IT Rockstar. Maciej, thank you for Devstyle and understanding that programming not ending on programming.

Mirek Burnejko – for being human. What would happen, it doesn’t matter, Mirek you are holding me on the surface with daily vlogs.

John Sonmez – for a course about design patterns on Pluralsight, of course 🙂 John, thank you for Simple Programmer and for … this blog, without your guidance probably I would never create this blog.

My Mom – for existence, and overprotection. I understand that you want to help me as much as you can and I’m trying to reject this help, but I respect you for that.

And you know what? No matter what type of struggles You or I have, it’s just a game… called life.

Piotr Czech

I am software developer, blogger, mentor, geek, startupper, team leader. I started writing code when I was about 15 years old, creating my first program in C++. I believe that everything can be fixed or changed, by just keep doing small steps each day.

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