From beginner to expert in IoT

So, let’s start! Probably you started thinking where should you start? Therefore I aggregated information “how to” and which topics I will cover in this course about IoT. To better understanding I recommend starting with basic information and going through more advanced topics. With time I will expand this list with links to topics on this blog, so you don’t need to search a particular topic, just use this post as a signpost.


Starting posts(it’s for me??)

How to start with Internet of Things?

What is an Internet of Things(IoT)?

Commonly used languages in IoT



Device structure in IoT 

Internet of Things in business

Cloud computing in IoT

Everything about sending data in IoT



Useful services to build IoT architecture in Azure

Piotr Czech

I am software developer, blogger, mentor, geek, startupper, team leader. I started writing code when I was about 15 years old, creating my first program in C++. I believe that everything can be fixed or changed, by just keep doing small steps each day.

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